Finest gelato in Parma

A passion for the gelato

The 30 years’ experience in ice cream business is a safe and precious guiding light. We daily add value to our work looking at new “concepts” through the realization of seminifinished product, innovations and win strategies for our customer.

Our secret

We use only the finest ingredients since the beginning of our ice cream production
A strong collaboration with our customers to develop an excellent product
Passion and experience guide us in our work


It is one of our national excellences, know all over the world for its unique and unmistakable flavor, and its benefic properties. Hazelnuts are fruits of different varieties; the seed is the eatable part. The Trilobate is considered the best variety and Piedmont is the place where it grows better, nourished by the climate and the wise hands of who has been growing it here for centuries.


We are Italian, and we all know that the best tiramisu is the one grandma makes. Her recipe is the traditional one, with mascarpone inside, which adds fullness to the texture and flavor to the ever-loved dessert. We decided to preserve this tradition even in our ice-cream pastes, the resulting gelato has a more intense and smooth taste, and its aroma will make you go back in time.


Pistachio is a drupe original of the Middle East with an hard oval shell and an eatable seed inside. Our product is made entirely with the best Sicilian pistachios, where this seed has been grown for centuries. After being picked, the pistachios are toasted in order to give them their unique aroma. Even in the green version of our paste the pigments come from chlorophyll molecules to assure a fully natural coloration.


The naturally intense aromatic power is the characteristic of essential oils. Contrary to the most, who choose not to use them because of the more complicated process of mixing oil and powder, we chose to implement this ingredient in our Sollimone S formula to achieve the most intense perfume and taste of Italian lemons. We mix by hand the oils to make sure that it is well incorporated into the powder, then we sift the product to guarantee the absence of clump or impurities.


Almonds are fruits whose seeds are the eatable part. This variety has a strong and persistent flavor, thanks to the sunny latitudes where the almonds are grown. The Mediterranean climate guarantees a superior quality production. Their unique taste and aromatic properties stand all out in the paste we commercialize.


The strength of this product is the chance to mix it directly with a fresh yogurt base. Doing this the final taste will be particularly fresh and persistent, with a smooth and rolling texture and the natural creaminess of the yogurt.


Fructose is the monosaccharide naturally present in fruits. It has a strong sweetening power which allows to use less of it compared to other sugars, with the same sweetness results in the final product. This is a characteristic that makes these products healthies than others with higher doses of sugar.


The puffo gelato is a classic always loved by the kids. We asked ourselves how we could make our paste unique. The citric aromas that we use in the recipe give a fresher flavor to the final product, for an even more intense ice cream!


As for the Sicilian variety, the Turkish pistachio is an excellent production. It has an intense flavor thanks to the Mediterranean climate it grows in. the Turkish pistachio is a little saltier of the Sicilian one. Even in the green version of our paste the pigments come from chlorophyll molecules to assure a fully natural coloration.

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